If you experience any issues regarding operation, contact a Lavor Customer Support Centre.
The Support Centre will provide initial telephone support and, if required, assess any repair that needs to be undertaken.

For a complete list of Support Centres visit https://it.lavorservice.com/cats/index/hobby

Before calling a Support Centre, read our guide: Troubleshooting a number of common issues regarding high-pressure household cleaners.

Centri Assistenza a domicilio Lavor

I Centri Assistenza a Domicilio sono convenzionati per ritirare il prodotto (Hobby) direttamente al tuo domicilio, ripararlo e rispedirtelo GRATUITAMENTE (*).


If any issues are discovered within the first 10 days of purchase, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact both the Technical Support Centre and the retailer. The product must be returned under the following conditions:

  • technical condition/aesthetics as new;
  • completely packaged in original packaging, including all accessories;
  • no sign of use, tampering or intervention not expressly authorised;
  • emptied of all liquids (water, detergent, fuel, etc.);
  • accompanied by original purchase receipt;
  • original product code and serial number (present on the machine itself);

Following the first 10 days of purchase, the customer/user may only contact authorised Technical Support Centres.


  1. accessories external to the machine body (e.g. pistols, hoses, lances etc.) and optional extras are not covered by the warranty if the fault is caused by wear and tear.
  2. accidental breakage due to fall and/or deterioration due to incorrect use are not covered by the warranty.
  3. parts that are usually subject to wear parts are not covered by the warranty (water, oil, O-ring seals, etc.).
  4. use of the hobby machine for profit or professional purposes will void the warranty.

* Only for Hobby machines with manufacturing defects and within the time limits established by the laws in force. The Warranty is valid for the period prescribed by law within the borders of the country in which it is distributed and documented. Support and Repair Services are guaranteed by a network of Authorised Specialist Centres in the region. The Technical Warranty does not cover worn components/accessories or damage and/or breakage caused by them. Components and accessories such as O-ring seals, hydraulic seals and gaskets, pistols, lances, nozzles, hoses, flexible hoses, flusher probes, washing brushes, electrical and electronic parts, filters, and wheels are subject to wear. In addition, the Technical Warranty is not liable for malfunctions caused by incrustations, limescale deposits, chemical deposits, or ferruginous deposits due to elevated levels of water hardness, solid sediments inside the pump, erroneous power supply, improper use or over-use regarding machine type, tampering or technical intervention carried out by unauthorised persons, missed or non-compliant maintenance, or incorrect storage of the machine (e.g. harsh weather conditions).


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